Animal communication can help with ANYTHING (outside of services that only those in the veterinary field can provide) involving ANY animal (even those in Spirit) as long as the animal is interested in communicating and, if there is an issue of some sort, working on the issue. Examples of what animal communication can help with are: death, dying, and communication with the Spirit World; illness/injury; training; behavioral issues such as a cat defecating outside the litter box or a dog urinating on the carpet in the house; animals not eating; aggressive behaviors; territorial behaviors; missing/lost animals; simply talking with the animals and asking the animal questions; and more. I offer sessions via email or via Skype with the animal present. Contact me to find out the price of a session on Skype as it is higher than an email session. I require a horizontal/landscape view picture of the animal with a good view of the animal’s face and the animal’s name. Finally, please let me know what it is you would like to say, ask, know, or what type of help you need with your animal.

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